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17 November 2009

Today's Ten Things

So things really are looking better than I originally thought. I got rid of a handful of things already.

To that I can add:

1. Uniform Items, including: 3 size 12 blouses, 4 size 10 blouses, brand new navy size 8 slacks, pair of black dress shoes. All of these items have been listed on Craigslist. If they don't sell right away they will go to the girl's school for the uniform exchange.

2.  2 pair of S's old size 10 fuzzy fleece pjs, listed on CL for $3 each and 1 fleece nightgown. One week and I will donate them to the YWCA.

3.  3 lite jackets/hoodies.  1 denim stretch jacket, 2 hoodies. All 3 listed on CL for $3 or less. One week and I will donate them to the YWCA.

4.  S's last years Christmas Recital Outfit, as it no longer fits. and a pair of black jazz shoes, that also no longer fit, listed on CL for $10 and $3, if these don't go then I will donate them to the YWCA.

5. Two women's business skirts, a line.  My BF gave these to my oldest daughter, but she doesn't like the fit so we are passing them on. Listing them on CL for $1 each and again if they don't sell, can you guess where they go? YWCA!

6. Vegetales Star of Christmas Video and James and the Giant Peach DVD (duplicate) listed on CL. Again if these don't go the video will go to the YWCA, but the DVD will go to some place filling Christmas wishes, because hey you never know.

7. Tupperware. I have several brand new items I either received as Hostess gifts or that I ordered thinking I would use them and did not. New Fondue for Two, New Blooming Teapot and sampler pack, new Rock n Serve, new flat out containers (2), used lilac cereal container and used large oval with black pour spout lid.  These have all been listed on CL and should they not sell will go in the box to the YWCA (since they help women set up homes).

Well its getting late. If I hadn't grouped items I would have come up with more than 10 today, so I think its ok to call it a day.


  1. Are you listing on e-bay? I think I have to read down more. I make and sell jewellery from my house, do you have any findings or beads for sale? peace

  2. No I am listing on local Craigslist so I don't have to deal with PayPal or the Post Office. I didn't make my own jewelry (although I would love to) I was selling other people's jewelry manufactured in well less than fair trade conditions (at least by the cryptic answers I got).

  3. too bad you are far away i need someone to help bead, have to get ready for summer again - peace


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