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11 April 2011

Short Ribs and Homemade BBQ Sauce

So I almost forgot about the short ribs, but I remembered them around 10 in the morning so I pulled them out and let them set out all day (I know this is very bad, but my mom always used the counter method, and we all survived).  The I searched the Internet for a "Honey Barbecue Sauce Recipe" and found this one at  I modified it to account for what I had on hand.  I didn't have meat tenderizer (and have no clue what it is) so I put in Apple Cider Vinegar in its place. I didn't have Steak Sauce so I just skipped it.  The overall verdict was that it was a bit to sweet, and it was. I would cut out the brown sugar and just use the molasses.  I also think the sauce which was baked on had a better flavor than the unbaked sauce (which we put on top) and I would rather cook it all together on the stove top first.

GreenerYet and the Kids had the sauce on short ribs, however I am not a fan of short ribs, they are just to fatty for me, I had it on a piece of salmon from the freezer.  Tonight we are using the last of the ground beef for sloppy joes and finishing up the salad.

Wed night will be macaroni and cheese.

Thurs will be Mexican Bake with lentils.

Friday begins my trip.

I really wanted to go to the market. The Southwedge doesn't open for a couple more weeks, so I think I will hit up the public market the first Saturday I am back.  I like the fact that it really forces me to get up early.  I am thinking that once the Southwedge Market opens, I will hit it up on my way (out of my way) home from work Thursday Nights and then I can get the remainder of my needs Saturday morning at the Public Market hitting up the Co-op twice a month (or less) for the sales if need be.

I am currently reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I am really enjoying it. It is nice to see if from the perspective of a mother, father and children.  I am tempted to pull up stakes and move to VA, but I could do much of what she is doing here.

I am more and more thinking I need to start the my cleanse before the kids. I can avoid gluten, dairy and eggs pretty well all on my own. The hard part will be the caffeine and candy.  We will be traveling after Easter dinner and I think by GreenTween's party I will be able to safely say I will be done with Candy. 

I am going to make a conscious effort to avoid gluten and dairy (with the exception of finishing up the Greek yogurt I have) from now until the girls are ready to start the challenge.

Before that I think I should give a basic health statement:

My health sucks. My lungs often feel like they are full of fluid and on fire (but according to the modern medicine I should just learn to live with it and take different medicines until its all sorted out).

PMS for me has always been pretty rough, skin break outs, oily hair, mood swings that are almost bi-polar in nature, and as of late I have been getting really angry for no good reason during my PMS.

Lack of sleep, I have never in my life slept well. My mums will tell you that I was the best child, I was never sick and I was a good sleeper.  The fact is I never complained.  I was always ready for bed by 7:30 at night (and that was with a mid-afternoon nap) the problem is that I was awake again by 2 in the morning. I always fell asleep in the car (no matter how short the drive) and as an adult I don't like driving because I find myself wandering while driving.

I am well overweight 210lbs as of this am.

I am generally fatigued.

I have allergies (which I didn't suffer with as a child) and near as I can figure pets (cat and dog), dust, pollen and maybe grass. 

My mood could use improvement. I have been trying to fake it, but after trying to fake it my whole dang life I am just tired of faking it and I want to have enough energy to get through my day. 

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My Green is Frugal To Do List

  • Sunday Cooking Days
  • Saturday Park Days
  • Bake My Own Bread
  • Set Up Sewing Space
  • Upcycle Craft Space
  • Space for Scrapbooks
  • Rear Yard
  • Lasagna Beds
  • Clear the Clutter
  • Spend More Time w Family/Friends w/o Money
  • Eliminate Debts
  • Recycling Station on the Front Porch
  • Waste Less
  • Unplug and Turn Off Entertainment Center Every Night
  • Cloth Wipies
  • Use Hankies instead of Tissues
  • Move to Cloth instead of Paper Towels - DONE! Thanks to GreenerYet!

2012 (2011) (2010) Christmas To Do List

  • Ornaments from the girls to lots of peoples :)
  • Dad: Seeds for the garden
  • Mums: Seeds for the garden
  • SMIL: Headrest Couch Covers
  • Joe: Jets Fleece Tie Blanket
  • Billy: Homemade Goodies (pinksters); fleece tie blanket
  • FIL: Basket of Homemade Goodies
  • SFIL: ?
  • MIL: Scrapbook from Trip Out West
  • DH: Green and Black Scarf
  • A: Art Caddy; Quilt (Celestial);
  • S: Pressed Flowers Book; Button Tree Quilt;

My Wish List

  • Small Square Glass Containers
  • Glass Casserole Pans
  • Solar Oven
  • Cast Iron Pans
  • Wide Mouth Canning Jars in 1/2 pint and pint sizes
  • Pressure Canner
  • Water Bath Canner