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Unfinished Projects

This is a place for me to list and track my unfinished project.  When they are complete they will be Purple and have a completion date:

1. Entryway Door - Clean, Paint, Trim and Weatherproof

2. Entryway Stairwell - Repair Plaster, Strip Wood, Paint Walls, Stain Wood, Floor Solution

3. Front Porch - Clean and Repair all Windows, Declutter, Seating, Seed Starting Area, Recycle Station, Paint, Lighting Repair Ceiling, Floor Solution

4. Kitchen - Paint, Mosaic Tile Backsplash, Cabinets, Clean and repair Lighting, Pot Rack and Peg Board

5. Down Bath - Plumbing, Tile, Fixtures, Washer/Dryer Set Up, Window Treatment

6. Livingroom - Clean Paint off Trim, Seal Trim, Strip Window Trim and put back on, Repair Plaster, Window Treatments, Furniture Covers

7. Dinning Room. Repair Plaster, Paint, Window Treatments

8. Porch Entryway - Repair Ceiling, Lighting, Paint

9. Stairwell - Strip and refinish Stairs, Window Treatment for Window. Clean Out Stairwell Cubby

10.  Up Bath - CLEAN, Replace Shower Surround with something more Green (ROBAL Glass?) Storage Solutions, Finish Trim

11. GreenTeen Bedroom - Wall to Wall Desk Unit, Shelving, Platform Bed, Window Treatments.

12. GreenGirl's Room - Window Treatments, Wall Decall, Shelving, Storage Solution, Replace Windows

13. Home Office/Craft Room - Wall to Wall Desk, Shelving, Sort and Declutter. Window Treatments.

14. Bedroom - Closet Door Solution, Window Treatments, Trim for Windows, Replace Window, Under Bed Storage Solutions

15. Attic - Clean and Declutter

16. Basement - Clean, Level Floor, Set up Kitchen Appliance Storage Area, Set up Additional Safe Storage (off the floor and with airflow behind to the walls), Replace Furnace

17. Finish Scrapbook Albums to sell

18. Get Caught up on GreenTeen's Albums

19 Start and get caught up on GreenGirl's Albums

20. Learn to sew with some basic skill

Below are Craft Projects I have wanted to start or have started and need to finish:

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My Green is Frugal To Do List

  • Sunday Cooking Days
  • Saturday Park Days
  • Bake My Own Bread
  • Set Up Sewing Space
  • Upcycle Craft Space
  • Space for Scrapbooks
  • Rear Yard
  • Lasagna Beds
  • Clear the Clutter
  • Spend More Time w Family/Friends w/o Money
  • Eliminate Debts
  • Recycling Station on the Front Porch
  • Waste Less
  • Unplug and Turn Off Entertainment Center Every Night
  • Cloth Wipies
  • Use Hankies instead of Tissues
  • Move to Cloth instead of Paper Towels - DONE! Thanks to GreenerYet!

2012 (2011) (2010) Christmas To Do List

  • Ornaments from the girls to lots of peoples :)
  • Dad: Seeds for the garden
  • Mums: Seeds for the garden
  • SMIL: Headrest Couch Covers
  • Joe: Jets Fleece Tie Blanket
  • Billy: Homemade Goodies (pinksters); fleece tie blanket
  • FIL: Basket of Homemade Goodies
  • SFIL: ?
  • MIL: Scrapbook from Trip Out West
  • DH: Green and Black Scarf
  • A: Art Caddy; Quilt (Celestial);
  • S: Pressed Flowers Book; Button Tree Quilt;

My Wish List

  • Small Square Glass Containers
  • Glass Casserole Pans
  • Solar Oven
  • Cast Iron Pans
  • Wide Mouth Canning Jars in 1/2 pint and pint sizes
  • Pressure Canner
  • Water Bath Canner